Joss Stone Allegedly Target of Murder Plot

June 15th, 2011
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When you think of soul singerĀ Joss Stone, you don’t automatically think that people would really like to murder her. But that’s exactly what police discovered after arresting two Devon men earlier this week.

Police arrested the men after residents spotted them driving around the town of Cullompton on Tuesday morning. According to the British media, the men were planning to rob and kill the 24-year-old Stone, claiming that a body bag, swords and a map of Stone’s country home were found in the men’s Fiat Punto.

As of now, the men were arrested for possession of an illegal weapon and going equipped to burgle/steal. One of the men was also accused of driving while disqualified.


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By Dan Wisniewski Posted in News

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Joss Stone Allegedly Target of Murder Plot