Sub Swara – Triggers

February 28th, 2011
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A Chain Reaction

Consisting of Dhruva Ganesan and Dave Sharma, Sub Swara is a power duo with enough swagger to make a difference.  While their remixes continue to fluxuate in number, their latest album, Triggers, is a perfect illustration of their deft versatility in 14 lengthy tracks.

With an introduction triggered by slow, relaxing piano keys that quickly pick up a droning tempo on “In Ether.” The swirling dub drone sounds are almost a substitute for old school scratching in a “new school” electronic hip-hop fashion. “October” opens with mid-tempo claps and breaks with a dubstep feel to it. “Speak my Language” has the duo rapping in an Evol Intent fashion that is rarely seen but widely enjoyed.  “Bend You” goes from a dancehall break to an almost trance like plateau all with a dub “wahwah” rift.

While lacking a certain consistency, certainly can’t be nailed down to one genre. Going from dubstep to breakbeat then jungle and glitch-hop all within a single song illustrates the raw skill wielded and showcased by Sub Swara. Fans of the old school and new alike can revel in the swagger secreted by Triggers.

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