Prairie Artists Unite Against Enbridge

January 31st, 2011
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As of today many of the artists set to perform at the Prairie Scene! Festival in Ottawa may not actual be there. A proposed boycott may take place as artists like Propaghandi, The Weakerthans, and Comeback Kid, have made a clear statement regarding the sponsorship of Enbridge at the festival. A group of artists known as Prairie Artists Against Enbridge have come forward to protest Enbridges sponsorship of the festival. A letter from the PAAE can be read here. In the statement to the public, the group insists that Enbridge has a record of poor business practices and environmental destruction. Enbridge, which has yet to comment on this situation, does indeed have a record to be ashamed of. A massive oil leak along the Kalamazoo river left over one million gallons festering on the riverbeds. Furthermore, Enbridge’s proposed pipeline from Edmonton to Kitimat, B.C. has many canadian residents concerned with the environmental damages that may occur.

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Prairie Artists Unite Against Enbridge