Badly Drawn Boy Breaks Down at Troubadour Show

December 17th, 2010
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English singer-songwriter Damon Gough, better known as Badly Drawn Boy, reportedly had a bizarre on-stage breakdown last night in front of a packed house at Los Angeles, CA’s legendary Troubadour that involved a serious audience abuse and some trash talking on the venue itself.

The trouble began at the start of BDB’s set, with Gough claiming that the sound was “swampy” and drowning out his vocals.  He went on to say that he would never play the Troubadour again.

Despite supportive cries from the audience, Gough continued to spiral deeper into his meltdown, hurling abuse at onlookers and hecklers and complaining about everything from the monitors to the lighting.  He also added that he was willing to ruin his career onstage that night because he wanted to return home to his son.

The fourth song into his set was when Gough completely lost it after a Heckler reportedly yelled “You’re not a Beatle!,” resulting in Gough calling the audience a “bunch of cunts,” offering a fight and storming off stage.  According to LA Weekly, half of the audience did the same before Gough returned fifteen minutes later to play a few more songs.

Between songs, Gough told the audience that he would never play another live performance again:

“Seriously, do you think I want to be here? Why tour America when nobody’s buying the record? I should just open a shop somewhere.”

Oddly, shortly after making the above statement Gough began to apologize for what he had said and done and went on playing the show, eventually playing a cover of Madonna’s “Like Virgin” dedicated to the audience as a way to make amends.

Check out a short video of Gough’s rant below:


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