The 88 – The 88

September 29th, 2010
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A Radio-Friendly Rollercoaster Ride

Hailing from Los Angeles, The 88, in their eponymous fourth album, deliver solid pop-rock music that is easy listening and a good fresh sound. Sounding like a classic rock band merged with The Strokes, the band definitely coveys a unique blend of the rock genre. However, their melodies and vocals in the softer, mellower tracks sound like radio-friendly pop.

“After Hours” and “They Ought to See You Now” are two tracks with exceptional keyboard work and solid, unrelenting percussion elements. Throughout the LP, the guitarist makes his presence known with small but strong guitar solos, sounding like the power bands of the 1960s. “Center of the Sun,” the strongest track on the record, brings out all of the band’s talents and combines them into a raw, rock and roll party, capped by some highly energized lead vocals.

The keyboards seem to be the key element in many of the tracks, yet they don’t seem to get old, as seen in “Won’t Catch Me.” For sweet, softer songs, “Takes it Away” and “Lost and Found” deliver, each perfect for an emotional movie montage.

Though the band usually partakes in marketing their music for TV and film, this album contains some legitimate work that any music lover can attest to. The 88 are noted for their extraordinary live performances, and this album definitely has the chops for a ticket worth paying for. All in all, the album is a fun, emotional rollercoaster that’s worth a listen.

By Thomas Aguilar Posted in Reviews