Maker’s Mark presents: Red River On The Rocks W/ Headliners Dead Confederate

August 25th, 2010
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Saturday August 28th

Mohawks Bar Inside & Outside stage

$20 (w/$30 VIP option) tickets

This music showcase at Mohawks is an all day music fest using the venues inside and outside stage. Named for the street on which Mohawks stands (Red River) and the rock wall that runs along the venue (On The Rocks). It’s going to go from 3pm non-stop until 2 am with a total of 23 bands and 11 DJs.

The promoted headliners are Athens, GA band Dead Confederate. Their sound is a bit hard to pigeon hole into a single genre. They’ve been labeled everything from gloom-alt grunge rock to dark country, but it really just sounds like good rock n’ roll. The new LP Sugar still has plenty of dark and deep moments staying synched stylistically with the first LP Wrecking Ball, but takes the band in a new direction with more light-hearted and melodically pop tracks as well, showing how flexible this un-catagorizible band can be with a very simple and organic sound at the root of it all. Former tour mate J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. makes an awesome appearance on the track Giving It All Away, a beautiful, slightly psychedelic rock example of the new sound evolution. Dead Confederate refreshingly and flawlessly blends the best of a so many worlds. Their Current tour mates Futurebirds, hailing from Athens as well,are also playing the fest about two hours prior to DC.

This really sounds like the best way possible to spend a Saturday in ATX. Presenters Maker’s Mark are offering a free  cocktail to each attendee, and the spread of talent is immense. The night offers so many options to choose from. Inside Stage? Outside stage? Hanging out upstairs with the DJs? You’ve got all day to be indecisive.


3pm      The Georgian Company
345pm  Booher and the Turkeyz
430pm  The Mercers
515pm  The Noise Revival Orchestra
6pm      Frank Smith
7pm      The Eastern Sea
9pm      Hacienda
10pm    Dead Confederate           

315pm   Alkari
4pm       My Education
445pm   Young Girls
530pm   Red Falcon
615pm   The Boxing Lesson
7pm       Melogrand
830pm   The Pons
915        Built By Snow BLOCK
1130pm  Ume
1215am  Fresh Millions
1am        ZEALE

Djs on the Mezzy:

3pm Tyler Groover
345pm Jason Fndomntl
430pm Richard Henry
5pm Digg
6pm John Gomi Vs DJ Scorpio
7pm DJ gmau
915pm Christian Barbuto
1015 pm Czech One
11pm Ceeplus Bad Knives 
12am Team Fab
1am Grrrl Parts

By Sania Parekh Posted in Austin