Liz Phair Releases First Album in Five Years

Songstress Liz Phair just released Funstyle, her first studio album since 2005’s Somebody’s Miracle. More after the jump.The 11-track album can be downloaded from here for the quite favorable price of $5.99, and you can listen to the first single, “Bollywood,” for free on the home page of her website.

We haven’t heard much from Ms. Phair in quite some time, although she’s kept busy somewhat out of the public eye. Most recently, she scored the new 90210 rehash, for which she won 2009 ASCAP award for Top Television Composer.


01. U Hate It
02. Smoke
03. Bollywood
04. You Should Know Me
05. Miss September
06. My, My
07. Oh, Bangladesh
08. Bang! Bang!
09. Beat Is Up
10. And He Slayed Her
11. Satisfied


By Ed Pappo Posted in News