An Acoustical Night with Imaad Wasif

March 24th, 2010
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The evening began a bit light on audience participation with the starting musical artist of the evening known as Voice on Tape. They performed well but the house had yet to be filled to capacity. As the evening got underway, Becky Stark made her way front and center with help from various singers with whom she shared the stage.


Her music was engineered straight from her heart and there was little doubt of the feeling that surrounded the entire facility of love and peace in these uncertain times. I too was delighted to hear such music that pulled at the innermost thoughts of joyfulness in the eyes of uncertainty. Her calm and blissful songs’ demeanor had us all thinking of personal triumphs that kept us going when dealing with difficulty in our own lives. When her set was done, the house was indeed fuller and the headline artist was undoubtedly near.


Imaad Wasif took the stage and everyone came to their feet and rustled to the inner court of the dance floor. It was clear why the patrons had gathered. Even though they did enjoy the melodies afforded by the preceding artists, there was no denying that Wasif was the artist of the evening.


The crowd was in awe of the musical depth that filled the room from an acoustic guitar, a musician’s un-altered voice and the supportive influence of the other band members who helped with instrumental harmony. There is no question that Imaad Wasif is an incredibly influential musician who can capture the audiences’ full attention and love of his deeply felt music.



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An Acoustical Night with Imaad Wasif