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Dimitri from Paris – Return to the Playboy Mansion

February 28th, 2009

Disco Gets Refurbished

A follow up to Dimitri from Paris’ bestselling A Night at the Playboy Mansion, Return to the Playboy Mansion improves on the original. The two disc album consists of “Partytime” and “Sexytime” mixes which are both excellent at setting their titled moods. Every remix is well-executed, enhancing classics of the 70’s and proving that Dimitri hasn’t lost his passion or skill. Read more…

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Gran Ronde – Secret Rooms

February 27th, 2009

Album Gives Listeners the Gran Run a Ronde

L.A.-based Gran Ronde has earned recognition opening for acts including The Walkmen and We Are Scientists. Their debut album, Secret Rooms, however, is similar in sound to The National, The Editors and Interpol with vocals reminiscent of Robert Smith. Read more…

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Powershift Enviornmental Gathering in Washington DC on February 27-28

February 26th, 2009

Green Owl, the NYC record label, will be heading to Washington DC with Santigold, The So So Glos, The London Souls and The Roots to perform at the environmental advocates gathering, Powershift, on February 27-28. The two-day festival will also include Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Bill Parish and 10,000 young people to discuss environmental legislation, activism and new energy policies. For more information check out or
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IHEARCOMIX Showcase at SXSW on March 19

February 26th, 2009

IHEARTCOMIX is sponsoring one of SXSW’s showcases on March 19 at the Beauty Bar. The Austin festival has hundreds of performers and IHEARTCOMIX is putting 18 of them on display and will include Futurecop!, Juiceboxxx, The Death Set, Drop the Lime and Radioclit.

Showcase Schedule:


The Golden Filter
The Death Set
Totally Michael
Team Robespierre
Cerebral Ballzy

Drop The Lime
The Toxic Avenger & Franki Chan
Designer Drugs
Hollywood Holt
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The Roxy Gives Free Tix to New Twitter Followers

February 26th, 2009

Beginning on March 2 – and continuing every Monday in March – the nightclub Roxy will embrace social networking by giving away a pair of tickets via Twitter to every new follower and an additional pair for a tweet to @theroxy.

Roxy owner Nic Adler says, “We feel that Twitter is one of the best ways to instantly communicate with concert goers and fans. We’re excited to continue to expand the Roxy presence on the web and look forward to lots of new Twitter friends!”

Twitter friends must contact @theroxy at least 72 hours before the desired show and the offer is subject to ticket availability. Read more…

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Pre-Order Mastodon: Crack the Skye Only On iTunes

February 25th, 2009

Progressive heavy rock band, Mastodon announces pre-orders of their 4th studio album, Crack The Skye available now exclusively through iTunes. Their seven-song album produced through Brendan O’Brien is runs approximately 50 minutes in total. They are also offering a immediate download of their new album track, “Oblivion.” For those who order now, they will also receive an exclusive version of “Oblivion” recorded live on UK’s XFM radio and is not available anywhere else. There are other Mastodon extremely limited pre-order package offers to be found, including the Crack the Skyedigital album along with the full album presented as a “score” in its entirely. The official album street release date is March 24th, 2009. For more information, look at and Read more…

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Can 2009 Roskilde Festival Top 2008 Profits?

February 25th, 2009

Roskilde Festival in Denmark, impressed music festival aficionados overseas in 2008, by showing that a non-profit music festival can still turn a considerable profit for humanitarian and cultural purposes, without selling out.
The Roskilde Festival was able to host approximately 68,000 paying attendees, (plus thousands of volunteers, organizers and participants), still have 7,000 tickets left over, and earn almost a $1 million kroner (the equivalent to $151,476.31 USD) for distribution through the Roskilde Festival Charity Society. That may not sound like a mighty figure here in the US but it is certainly turning heads in Europe, where the Roskilde is known as one of the four largest music festivals. The gorgeous weather was a major factor, as well as food and drink sold at the event.
The 2009 Roskilde Festival will take place July 2 – 5th. Tickets are available from their online website: The campsite is open from June 28th at 8 p.m. It is held in the ancient city of Roskilde on the island of Zealand in Denmark. Read more…

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Sick Puppies – Dressed Up as Life

February 24th, 2009

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

After years of covering the likes of Silverchair, Green Day and Rage Against the Machine, the Sick Puppies finally decided to make their own metallic guitar rock. They took their time crafting 2007’s Dressed Up as Life after a self-released debut six years earlier, but despite a few standouts, that time spent polishing the new tunes has failed to make them more original or interesting than their predecessors. Read more…

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CONFIRMED: Faith No More to Reunite For European Tour

February 24th, 2009

mxdwn is able to confirm through a press release from Mike Patton’s publicist that Faith No More is indeed reuniting for a European tour this summer.

The details of exactly which members from the lineup beyond Patton are joining (Billy Gould, Jim Martin, Roddy Bottum, Mike Bordin) have not been revealed yet.

Patton’s publicist also detailed to mxdwn that while the band is reuniting for the European trek there are currently no plans to tour the USA.

Further details will be updated here as they become available. Read more…

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Fuck Buttons – Street Horrrsing

February 23rd, 2009

Horrrse Noiiise

It’s refreshing to hear a band like Fuck Buttons do exactly what they want, uninformed by popular music trends, unaffected by the concept of marketability, and clearly having a great time. The ridiculousness of the band’s name and that of this record–their first full-length, Street Horrrsing–serves as a testament to their “fuck it” attitude and pervasive embrace of artistic freedom.
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