Einstürzende Neubauten’s Jewels

Not exactly a B-Sides and rarities compilation, Einstürzende Neubauten’s Jewels explores the band’s hidden niches. Work on Jewels, being released in the U.S. this Summer on the band’s Potomak label (distributed by Ryko), began at the same time as work on Alles Wieder Offen (2007). Interestingly, the band played a card game called DAVE prior to each Jewels recording. The game, based on Tarot but without the rules, involved each player drawing a couple cards and attempting to make sense of them. After drawing the cards, the players would retreat to the vaulted cellar of the studio and return yielding shopping carts full of stuff from which ideas were made. While secrecy about one’s cards had to be maintained, the end result was to surprise and, in turn, be surprised.


Ich komme davon
Mei Ro
26 Riesen
Die Libellen
Jeder Satz mit ihr hallt nach
Robert Fuzzo
Magyar Energia
Ansonsten Dostojewsky
Die Ebenen (werden nicht vermischt)
Am I only Jesus?
I kissed Glenn Gould

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