Fall Out Boy – Infinity on High

October 8th, 2007
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To Infinity and Beyond

Jay-Z is not exactly the first thing one expects to hear when popping Fall Out Boy’s latest into a CD player, but there he is, reciting intros to the non-Michael Jackson related “Thriller.” This Hova appearance on Infinity on High evidences the band’s recent hint of hip-hop influence, as does production assistance (and a mandolin solo!) from Babyface.The media may focus on bass player/lyricist Pete Wentz because of his forays into celebrity outside of the band, but it’s singer Patrick Stump who breathes life into Fall Out Boy’s music. His vocal precision and range never falter through the multiple styles within Infinity on High. Overlooked “Golden” is an aptly named soulful piano track with a melodramatic chorus Stump aces.

Yet another chart-topping single declaring their dislike of being emo poster boys, “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” is so fun to sing along to that one forgets the slight mockery of fans within its lyrics. “Carpal Tunnel of Love” turns from a cute, pun-filled pop song to unintentionally funny mock angst thanks to Wentz’ laughable screaming. Taking a detour back to the punkier Take This to Your Grave days, courtroom drama “You’re Crashing, But You’re No Wave” is a head-bopper that could do with even more of its ghostly chorus of oohs.

Fall Out Boy obviously made another hit with Infinity on High, but it remains a tad overproduced and uninventive. Even so, the catchiness factor wins and listeners can’t help but do as a robotic voice at the end commands, and dutifully press repeat.

By Danielle Reicherter Posted in Reviews