Guttermouth – Shave the Planet

June 18th, 2007
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Requires Soap

The band is called Guttermouth for a reason. The latest in over fifteen years’ worth of albums, Shave the Planet continues the mocking and controversial humor for which the aging Cali skate punks are famous.Punk usually makes light of everything from politics to girls with no limbs (NOFX’s “She’s Nubs”), but even Fat Mike would think some Guttermouth songs cross the line. Lead vocalist Mark Adkins manages to insult other bands, homosexuals, modern teenagers, and people with depression within the two minutes of “My Chemical Imbalance.” The content of “Flacidism,” an entire song about just what the title suggests, is full of awkward double entendres set to power chords. “(Mark) The Cubby Chaser Newport Fat Ass” utilizes the same tired chords and suggests bulimia as a solution for the overweight. Enjoy hearing about sexual relations with minors and a criticism of Japanese culture? “What Then” is the perfect listen! The sole track worth owning is “Primate Camp,” a ska tinged poke at Darwin and evolution that features the only original sounding instrument work on the entire album.

Shave the Planet is undoubtedly unique in its lyrics, but even some thirteen-year-old boys would find the sophomoric humor distasteful. Guttermouth has lost their shtick and should either write more songs in the vein of “Primate Camp” or simply stop trying altogether.

By Danielle Reicherter Posted in Reviews