Thee Emergency – Can You Dig It?

April 10th, 2007
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Well Dug

Not enough rock music goes back to its roots; most bands even try to separate themselves from rocks’ blues origins. Thee Emergency chooses the path of soul-infused rock in their debut Can You Dig It?, an album delivered via time machine from a 1960s garage.The opening distorted guitar riff on “Girl You Should’ve Known” and frantic downbeat of drums following soon after instantly raise the spirit of rock, keeping it alive for the entire forty-seven minute album. Vocalist Dita Vox exudes pure groove on every track, sounding like a fusion of Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin, with a dash of Karen O for modernity. On “Get It Up,” Sonic Smith’s impassioned, fuzzy guitar and Vox’s wails are offset by a tambourine keeping the beat and an organ, two instruments practically extinct in 21st century music. Bassist Nick Detroit slaps with fervor, even given a chance at soloing on the high energy title track, followed by a guitar response from Smith while Tom T. Drummer (guess what he plays?) hammers in the background. Bluesy “No Condemnation” evolves from Vox accompanied by a piano into a full-out sing-a-long jam with a multitude of instruments, thus ending Can You Dig It? with the same verve it started.

Each member of Thee Emergency is talented and strives to make a song work together rather than attempting to outshine one another. Can You Dig It? asks an age old question of rock n’ roll, and with one listen, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

By Danielle Reicherter Posted in Reviews