Thunderbirds Are Now! – Make History

April 9th, 2007
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Never underestimate the power of music blogs. Thanks to the likes of Stereogum and Brooklyn Vegan, Thunderbirds Are Now! just finished playing festival SXSW for the second year in a row. Though it may not reach its title’s aspiration, their sophomore release, Make History, has its place as one of the most interesting albums of 2006.“Panthers in Crime” tricks the listener with an opening minute of acoustic guitar and a chorus of oohs accompanied by bells before erupting into a frenzy of quavering keyboards and peppy vocals. Setting the tone for the band’s good humor is tongue-in-cheek track “We Win (Ha Ha),” in which singer/guitarist Ryan Allen exclaims “We have heard this one before / Nothing new and nothing more” as brother Scott plonks away merrily at his effect laden synthesizer. Poppy “Open Us Up” is a New Wave track in the style of Arcade Fire meets Bloc Party with a steady drumbeat provided by Matt Rickle. “Sound Issues/Smart Ideas” travels further down the dance- rock road than other tracks, thanks to choppy guitar parts and laser-like sound effects. The sole disappointment of Make History, “Sleeping In The Lion’s Mouth,” lags simply because it isn’t as energetic or unusually electronic as the rest of the album.

Improving vastly on their 2005 album, Justamustache, Thunderbirds Are Now! brought all their fun and quirky tunes to Austin, a performance doubtlessly making more Internet appearances. As the saying goes, third time is a charm, and this album may just be enough for 2007 to be the year TAN! will Make History.

By Danielle Reicherter Posted in Reviews