Pollard’s Normal Happiness

July 29th, 2006
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Former Guided By Voices leader, the hard-working Robert Pollard will on October 10th release his second solo album of the year, Normal Happiness. Pollard will once again collaborate with Todd Tobias as he did on From A Compound Eye. October and November will also see Pollard hitting the road in support of Normal Happiness. No dates have been set in stone yet.

The album will play out something like this:

Accidental Texas Who
Whispering Whip
Supernatural Car Lover
Boxing About
Serious Bird Woman (You Turn Me On)
Get a Faceful
Towers and Landslides
I Feel Gone Again
Gasoline Ragtime
Rhoda Rhoda
Give Up the Grape
Pegasus Glue Factory
Top of My Game
Tomorrow Will Not Be Another Day
Join the Eagles
Full Sun (Dig the Slowness)?

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