Aceyalone f/ RJD2 – Magnificent City/Magnificent City Instrumentals

Destination: Magnificent City

With a James Bond style opening on “All For You,” the first track from Aceyalone’s Magnificent City, the listener immediately expects something above and beyond a typical hip-hop album — which is delivered. The southern California native’s flows are already exceptional, and are made more so due to RJD2’s corky rhythms and extensive knowledge of deejaying and turntabalism. The duo is perfect. With a creative rapper like Aceyalone backed up by the eclectic sounds provided by RJD2, the album makes for great background music and an even better addition to any listener’s album collection. A veteran of the underground hip-hop scene in LA speak-easies like Leimert Park, Aceyalone is no stranger to a free-style environment. Battling his way through slews of up and coming MC’s, Aceyalone’s Magnificent City marks the way for an intriguing final destination.

RJD2’s debut Dead Ringer encompasses different sounds in his list of tracks, such as the upbeat and gothic themes on “The Horror.” In Magnificent City, there is no exception that the beats created for Aceyalone’s flows are humorous and solid. The treat behind this collaboration between DJ and artist is the release of RJD2’s Magnificent City Instrumentals. Between Dead Ringer and Magnificent City, the manipulation of instruments and vinyl are still filled with 70s music sampling such as Aceyalone’s “Fire” and synthesized drums and bass in “Mooore.” His aggressive lyrics could not have complimented RJD2’s experimental use of turntables any better. The underground reputations of Aceyalone and RJD2 make for a spectacular trip to Magnificent City.

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Aceyalone f/ RJD2 – Magnificent City/Magnificent City Instrumentals
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