The Go! Team – Thunder, Lightning, Strike

October 31st, 2005
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Still Undefeated

Listening to Thunder, Lightning, Strike is the musical equivalent of viewing a flashing television monitor for a prolonged period of time; both will surely cause seizures but only The Go! Team’s latest offering will have you begging for another. And while experiencing said epileptic episode, amidst the paroxysmal convulsions and flickering moments of consciousness, fleeting glimpses of 80s entertainment nostalgia intertwined with fully charged 12-year-old prepubescent hormonal impulses will keep you from swallowing your tongue. All this in only about 35 minutes.Almost impossible to peg down categorically, one thing is for certain, like an erratic mathematical formula, Thunder, Lightning, Strike simply coalesces into something that makes sense. From the album’s frenzied starter, “Panther Dash,” to the very end, The Go! Team (the rag tag, Brighton-based sextet of musical misfits) is able to grab our attention and hold it. Sounding like the Avalanches’ spoiled little brother, The Go! Team’s music is fast, funky, energetic, and sample-heavy, characteristics exemplified in the track “Bottle Rocket.” Perfectly placed horns and live instrumentation complement soundtrack-like samples, driving guitars, brassy electro effects, and an all-around 70s/80s retro feel. Most songs are fast and flamboyant and impeccably reflect their titles. With names such as “Feelgood By Numbers,” “Junior Kickstart,” and “Huddle Formation,” it’s virtually titular onomatopoeia.

If the aforementioned metaphors seem a bit like hyperbole, it’s for good reason. Thunder, Lightning, Strike is nothing short of a full frontal audio assault on the senses; a cornucopia of 80s throwback show/film scores, overmedicated electronica, post-punk aggression, and a 24 pack of Red Bull. Its beauty lies in this chaotic splendor, a brilliance that’ll knock you out and leave you begging for more.

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