Silverstein – Discovering The Waterfront

October 13th, 2005
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An Amazing Discovery

Catchy. It’s always been the easiest way to describe Ontario’s own Silverstein. Whether it was their Victory debut, When Broken Is Easily Fixed, or their new album, Discovering The Waterfront, Silverstein knows how to write hardcore influenced screamy rock that is infectious.Shane Told’s voice is able to change quickly from solid singing to a blood-curdling scream whose pitch and range doesn’t get lost in the fold of generic screamo bands. Lyrically, they stick to songs of broken hearts and deceit, with passages such as “You ask for my heart/you know that I’m down/but not the way you lie to me/you tear it all apart and beg for me to say.” Although they don’t tend to push the envelope with their writing-style, at least it’s consistent.

Whereas Broken at times seemed all over the place, with tracks that were a hodgepodge of styles, Discovering The Waterfront as a whole is cohesive and powerful. Silverstein has learned to meld slower melodies on this album, such as “My Heroine.” The composition of these songs doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb and shows the band’s songwriting is growing. Musically Silverstein sticks with what they know, pop with heavy breakdowns and punk-stylized sections that make sure that kids can two-step and windmill to it in the pit.

Since forming in 2000, Silverstein have managed to put out 4 albums, tour with bands such as Hawthorne Heights and Fallout Boy, as well as garner a loyal fan base. With albums such as Discovering The Waterfront, it’s no surprise why kids love them. They don’t try and re-invent the wheel; they just make sure it’s running well.

By Fred Pilarczyk Posted in Reviews