Ladytron – Witching Hour

October 10th, 2005
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From Light To Dark

Ladytron has, thankfully, moved on from the morose monotony of their last album, Light & Magic, and entered the realm of contemporary electronic music. Whereas L&M was boring yet addictive, and slightly too retro, Witching Hour makes for an engaging listen that still works as background music for a party or dance remix fodder. It is slightly darker, with more room for emotional lyrics and bittersweet melodies. The tracks are more satisfying than those on L&M, with increased aural depth and variation within the songs. And perhaps most exciting; contemporary electronic effects are the majority, rather than stolid retro synth sounds of the 80s monopolizing the music.Some tracks still harken back to Ladytron’s old style, such as “Soft Power,” with its lighter vocals and simple clichéd sounds making up the beat. Others move away from this formula and into a more complex realm, such as “Destroy Everything You Touch” and “International Dateline,” with their sinister mood and intense vocals. “Beauty*2,” “All The Way,” and “The Last One Standing” are soft and light, yet retain this newer style well. “Sugar” feels more pop-punky in a riot grrl way, and “Fighting In Built Up Areas” retains their Euro electro-clash roots.

A few tracks are catchy and fun yet forgettable, such as “amTV” and “Weekend.” Most peculiarly though, it ends with the 9 minute track “Untitled”…unless this reviewer is missing something, a hidden track of pure silence. Still, Witching Hour is a far cry from Ladytron’s previous work, and as such a welcome evolution in their musicianship.

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