Radar Bros. – The Fallen Leaf Pages

Neither Hide Nor Hair

A smattering of thirteen tracks rather than a work of art, Radar Bros.’ The Fallen Leaf Pages lacks the highs and lows that establish depth. With poetic lyrics, soothing, articulate vocals, and a near-perfect meshing of instrumentation, the Radar Bros’ fourth album is worth a listen, but not a medal.With a style emulating Pink Floyd, Floyd fans will love or hate this band. The often drawn out guitar, soothing bass, and simple drums lack the build that made Pink Floyd untouchable. There is no bigger picture to which the verse you’re listening to will uncover. “The Fish” is the only track that seems to have some build, whereas “Government Land” is half instrumental including repetition yet no intensification.

The resemblance to Pink Floyd shows most in the poetic lyrics. Ranging from gruesome to bittersweet, therein the lyrics lies an abstractness that doesn’t appear manufactured. “Times like a lung, you expand, you deflate/ In the hot night, crows fight, beetles in the firelight.”

The originality of this band lies mostly with the resonance of the guitar and bass. The lead into “The River Shade” exposes their California origin. The twangy, drawn out strums reveal everything. Additionally, the piano in tracks like “To Remember” and “Show Yourself” make for a much fresher sound while still encompassing the ambiance Radar Bros. is striving for.

So, if you’re a Pink Floyd fan and you haven’t heard Radar Bros. yet, take a listen. You may fall in love, or find something new to hate. Not a Pink Floyd fan, but want to chill out for an hour and don’t need a life changing experience? Check them out.

By Jeanette Honig Posted in Reviews