Papa Roach – Getting Away With Murder

April 26th, 2005
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The Nu-Metal Crown/Curse

Papa Roach are perhaps the most accurate embodiment of the nu-metal genre; where it’s been, where it is now and where it will soon be. The band violently exploded on to the modern rock radar with their super glossy mega-hit “Last Resort” which clearly set a new standard for the term “overplayed.” But as the tastes of their now world-wide fan base were starting to slowly shift away from the hip-hop influenced rock music, Papa Roach tried to stray away from the self-loathing rap on their second album, lovehatetragedy, with somewhat fleeting success. But some strategies for achieving success never change. Indeed, Papa Roach’s newest album, Getting Away With Murder, oozes an overly produced, radio-friendly sound.Let’s face it. Everybody loves to hate Papa Roach. After all, they’re both a joke and an institution within the genre. But nobody can deny their penchant for creating some incredibly infectious songs – even if they are somewhat ‘shallow’ on the musical end. Songs like “Scars” – a simplistic, relationship-gone-sour ode and “Getting Away With Murder,” a slightly more upbeat number, are instant radio hits, but like the rest of the album – feel a bit too forced, jaded and lacking any real musical “meat.” Indeed, there’s only so many ways to spin the lyrical content that encompasses most nu-metal songs – (failed relationships, broken trusts, lack of parental guidance etc.) before we’re a bit bored.

Sparkle and fade. It’s the way of the one-hit-wonder to which Papa Roach will inevitably be associated with. While credit must be given for trying to evolve from their original sound, Papa Roach just can’t rid themselves of their nu-metal crown/curse.

By Taylor Whipple Posted in Reviews