”Something you should hear…”

April 19th, 2005
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It’s amazing what you can find when you’re not even looking. I’m listening to an EP by the band Snoozebox, their record release party is this Saturday at the Grape St. Pub in Philly. Damn, they’re fun!I’m reminded a little of Toad the Wet Sprocket and Splender. My favorite song thus far is “Tell It To Someone Who Cares.”

Oh, anyway, the point of this post – you know how once in a while a good friend of yours will say “I have something you have to hear…” and the next 30-60 minutes are pure magic? It’s a rare and happy occurance, one that we should all treasure.

I have this special list in my iTunes devoted to songs that I’ve had on repeat for hours on end, over and over again, because they never get old. I call it “Just Plain Good,” and it has stuff by Patty Larkin, Björk, John Mayer, The Used, Copeland, Crazy Penis, Propellerheads, Jack Black, Bruce Springsteen, Thievery Corportation, Tori Amos, Poets of the Fall, DJ Shadow, and Jimmy Eat World to name a few.

Anyway, I’ve decided to revamp and clean out the list. Even the best songs get old after awhile, you know? So Snoozebox is the first on my new list. Yay for new music. :)

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