Lloyd Banks – The Hunger For More

October 27th, 2004
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Through Hunger, Comes Passion

It seems that the G-Unit camp just refuses to stop flooding the industry with new music. Lloyd Banks is now coming at us, with his aptly titled The Hunger For More. Does this mix-tape master have the skills to hold his own record? In a word, yes.While this writer strongly disliked G-Unit’s first album, Hunger is fresh, talented, and makes us wonder who the stronger member of G-Unit really is. The formula is there, with songs about weed, (“I Get High”), a gangsta anthem track (“If You So Gangsta”) and the slick and smooth r&b track (“Karma”).
What makes it so different is that Lloyd Banks sounds intense. For having such an even-toned voice, his lyrics’ overall style make the listener feel that he is busting his ass to make this album work. The beats on his tracks are well thought out, bass-heavy, with various influences, including Middle Eastern and 50’s pop.

Having a rogue’s gallery of producers, the sounds of Timbaland, Havoc, Hi Tek, and Eminem make sure that each track is a single waiting for radio airplay.

In addition to a strong production, Banks’ guest stars are amazing: Snoop and Nate Dogg, Young Buck, Eminem, and the recently released Tony Yayo. Unlike certain albums, the guest don’t overstay their welcome on Hunger, making sure Lloyd Banks gets all the spotlight.

It’s good to see that the parts of G-Unit are able to come out with an album that’s so well done. The starving G-Unit fans will eat this up, and, even those of us who were no thrilled with G-Unit or 50 Cent will be more than willing to experience Banks’ Hunger.

By Fred Pilarczyk Posted in Reviews