Atreyu – The Curse

August 30th, 2004
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The Blessed Curse

Like some sort of screeching eagle, soaring from the depths of hell, talons outstretched and ready to attack, “Bleeding Mascara,” furiously begins Atreyu’s sophomore album, The Curse. Coming to the forefront of the new “melodic meets hardcore” genre, thanks in part to a recent stint on Ozzfest and a massive underground infection of sorts, Atreyu indeed avoid the “curse” of the sophomore slump by delivering a blistering, sonically-charged and melodically infused representation of the changing face of hardcore music.It’s a nice idea; Merging hardcore metal with a more melodic, almost emo style of music. But for the most part, that’s all it’s been, an idea. After all, if Hatebreed and Saves the Day somehow managed to morph into a super-group, the chaos that could seemingly ensue would surely make the idea ill-conceived. Thankfully, there’s Atreyu, who manage to seamlessly blend two distinctly different musical genres.

“I’d redecorate the walls with your inner thoughts, But I’m afraid it’s the wrong shade of red,” screams lead vocalist Alex Varkatzas. Think crunchy, heavy, no-holds-barred guitars, complete with soaring, blistering solos, etched with dry-lung vocal screams and sing-a-long melodic choruses. Standout tracks like “Right Side of the Bed” and “The Crimson” highlight The Curse, making for a surprisingly diverse and textured array of songs. Indeed, Atreyu are leading the forefront of what should be a refreshing wave of post-hardcore bands to come. And while the hardcore and emo-rock purists may turn their heads in disapproval, those in between are in for a brutally enriching experience.

By Taylor Whipple Posted in Reviews