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Jewel Returns to Roots

March 31st, 2004

Jewel has promised that the follow-up to her surprisingly unfolky album 0304 will be a return to the lighter acoustic sound that made her famous almost a decade ago. She is currently out on tour in support of 0304 and her first concert DVD, Live at Humphrey’s by the Bay. Read more…

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Savath & Savalas – Apropa’t

March 30th, 2004

Apparently They Don’t Sell Jolt Cola in Spain

Upon first listening to Savath & Savalas’ new album, Apropa’t, I have to admit I wasn’t feeling it. Perhaps this was because I was expecting another Prefuse 73 record. But then, a couple of nights ago as I was returning from a party, I found myself driving down an empty Santa Monica Blvd at 3 in the morning listening to S&S’ latest offering. And you know what? It was probably the most beautiful album I could have ever chosen to listen to at the moment. Read more…

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The Wildhearts – The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed

March 30th, 2004

Something For Everyone

Even though the Wildhearts have had an incredibly storied career that would rival the likes of any classic rock band, chances are if you’re from America, you’ve probably never heard of them. The brain child of David Walls-Smith, infamously known around rock circles as “Ginger,” the Wildhearts first began pumping blood into the UK rock scene in 1989. With a sound reminiscent of Guns N’ Roses and what Nirvana would eventually become, they quickly garnered a dedicated fan base through their first few years of existence while opening for some “little” bands like Alice in Chains and AC/DC. Though their rise to total worldly domination seemed imminent, like any worthy rock group – they went through a plethora of lineup changes, including a brief stint with Devin Townsend, in addition to some label changes that seemed to threaten or derail the rock freight train they had become. After nearly five years since releasing their last album, the Wildhearts return with the aptly titled The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed. Read more…

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Incubus – A Crow Left of the Murder

March 30th, 2004

A Bag Left of the Mixed

After a great string of albums Incubus have fallen victim to their own forward momentum. Much akin to criticism of Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief, the new Incubus album A Crow Left of the Murder fails in conjunction with its predecessors. Incubus have grown steadily from the ska-funk of Enjoy Incubus to the jam-techno-metal of S.C.I.E.N.C.E. progressing nicely to the ballad-rock of Morning View. At the risk of alienating fans, each subsequent release felt fresh and impressive whereas A Crow Left of the Murder feels out of place with that trajectory. Read more…

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JC Chasez – Schizophrenic

March 30th, 2004

Chasez Commits Himself

From boy-band to solo man, JC Chasez has decided to step in and claim some of the same success that followed fellow bandmate Justin Timberlake with his first solo album, bearing the strange yet fitting title Schizophrenic. Read more…

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A.F.I. Getting Ready to Work on New Album

March 29th, 2004

A.F.I. is preparing to enter the studio to being work on their seventh album; their second on a major label (Interscope). This news comes on the heels of a string of cancelled shows owing to singer Davey Havok’s ailing vocal chords. Guitarist Jade Puget is optimistic about the new album, saying that the band is more prolific than ever. Read more…

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The Walkmen – Bows + Arrows

March 28th, 2004

Put The Walkmen in Your Walkman

Bows + Arrows is not for the superstitious, for The Walkmen may well have disproved the existence of that ever-lurking denizen, the sophomore jinx. On their second album this New York City quintet has not only surpassed the achievements of their innovative debut, Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone, but have shown that they are more interesting than Interpol, and more inspired than the Strokes.
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Sammy Hagar Reunites With Van Halen

March 26th, 2004

Sammy Hagar has been confirmed as rejoining Van Halen for a three month tour to begin in June. Van Halen has not toured since 1998 and has not worked with Hagar in the past eight years. Tickets will start going on sale April 3. Read more…

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The Von Bondies – Pawn Shoppe Heart

March 25th, 2004

The Von Bondies: More than Jack White’s Punching Bag

For their major label debut, the Von Bondies don’t hold back. Pawn Shoppe Heart is a brief (just over forty minutes) but strong album packed with guitar-driven garage rock. On songs like “No Regrets,” “Crawl Through the Darkness,” “Poison Ivy,” and “Tell Me What You See,” the band unleashes a combination of thoroughly enjoyable caustic guttural guitar work stretched over pulsating, occasionally rapid-fire, drum and bass rhythm.

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Damageplan – New Found Power

March 23rd, 2004

Vulgar Display of Damage

Pantera could kick your ass three times before you hit the ground, and still have enough time to out drink just about anybody in the club. How exactly does a band live up to that sort of expectations? If you’re guitarist and drummer “Dimebag” Darrell and Vinnie Paul, you recruit a few of your most hardcore friends, mix in a few pints of battery acid and stir vigorously. Following a killing spree of over a decade, Pantera’s internal fallout between group members became awfully apparent as each member decided to pursue individual side projects rather than concentrate on a new Pantera album. That being said, following two releases from Anselmo’s side projects (Down and Superjoint Ritual), brothers Vinne Paul and “Dimebag” Darrell decided to go their own route with New Found Power, the new album from Damageplan. Read more…

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