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SMiLE Surfaces to Raves

February 26th, 2004

Brian Wilson’s soon-to-be released 1967 album SMiLE was greeted with a standing ovation as he played it in concert Friday night. Tracks from the album have been included on successive Beach Boys records, but SMiLE was never completed until recently. Fans can expect the album to hit stores this fall. Read more…

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Grey Tuesday Strikes

February 25th, 2004

Grey Tuesday, the first ever music industry protest, was surprisingly successful yesterday as 170 websites hosted free downloads of Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album. The album, which samples The Beatles The Beatles, commonly called The White Album, and Jay-Z’s The Black Album, is an unreleased underground hit and has also garnered critical praise.

Yesterday’s protest was the first act of civil disobedience by the public against both sampling laws and file-sharing prosecution. After ignoring cease-and-desist letters from EMI, which owns the publishing rights to The White Album, the host sites now face possible litigation. Read more…

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Mudd’s Short Show Leads to Arrest

February 24th, 2004

Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin was arrested after an abbreviated performance Sunday night in Toledo, Ohio. Scantlin began the show drunk, inspiring his bandmates to walk off stage after only four songs. Scantlin remained on stage for half an hour insulting the audience and singing made-up songs. The crowd turned on him, and Scantlin retreated backstage, where Toledo police took him into custory for disorderly conduct. Read more…

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Ruben Studdard – Soulful

February 24th, 2004

Ruben’s Got Soul

Ruben Studdard may be full of soul, but soul don’t mean a thing in pop. Listening to the American Idol winner’s album, Soulful, it’s pretty apparent why the album hasn’t gotten glowing reviews. It’s not pop. It’s soul, R&B, and a little hip-hop. It’s not for 14-year-old mallrats with Gap sweaters, it’s made for 20-somethings to blast from their cars while they cruise slowly through the city on a Saturday night. Read more…

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Grohl Post-Probot

February 23rd, 2004

Now that Dave Grohl’s metal dream Probot is a reality, it’s time to get to work on the next Foo Fighters album. Unlike the Grammy-winning One by One, Grohl and Co. plan to record the next album in a real studio; not Dave’s basement. Grohl promises, “We’re going to make the best balls-out record we’ve ever made.” Read more…

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Projekt Announced

February 20th, 2004

Linkin Park, Snoop Dogg, and Korn will be teaming up for the third Projekt Revolution tour. Two more artists are expected to be announced at a later date. The tour is scheduled to run from July to September. Read more…

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Atmosphere – Seven’s Travels

February 19th, 2004

Atmosphere hits a higher level.

Do you like Kool Keith? How about Del the Funky Homosapien? Then go out now and get the new album by Atmosphere, titled Seven’s Travels. The minds behind Atmosphere, Slug and Ant, have made a great album without falling into traditional hip-hop clichés. Read more…

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Corgan Points Fingers

February 19th, 2004

Billy Corgan has been stirring up some media attention recently with some statements made on his website in regard to the dissolution of the Smashing Pumpkins. “James Iha broke up the Smashing Pumpkins. Not me, not Jimmy, but James.” Corgan’s sudden frankness about the band’s breakup is surprising considering it’s been three years since their farewell show. As reported earlier, Corgan is preparing to release his first solo album and a book of poetry in the coming months. Read more…

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Prefuse 73 – One Word Extinguisher

February 19th, 2004

The Best Hip Hop Album You’re Not Listening To…
But Should Be

Hip Hop producer/techno whiz kid extraordinaire Scott Herren is taking instrumental hip hop to a whole new level – not even, he is creating a level all his own. Operating under the nom de plume Prefuse 73, this Atlanta native is both expanding and redefining hip hop’s boundaries. With his latest release, One Word Extinguisher, Prefuse 73 stays his course while developing and challenging the genre’s capabilities. Read more…

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Ben Moody Working With Kelly Clarkson

February 18th, 2004

Former Evanescence writer/guitarist Ben Moody has been slated to do some work with American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson. This is in addition to the already confirmed reports that he is working with Avril Lavigne on her next record. Read more…

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