G-Unit – Beg For Mercy

November 30th, 2003
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Begging for no reason

Hip-hop has always had it’s dark side, with lyrics describing drive-bys, drug deals, death, and many other ugly, disturbing, real world problems. Not many have glorified these tales as much as G-Unit, the new offering from 50 Cent and his crew, featuring Tony Yayo (currently in lockdown), Lloyd Banks, and Young Buck. As G-Unit takes us through a tour of being an OG (Original Gangsta) from killing, stealing, drug dealing, womanizing and such, they have forgotten that things like this aren’t a positive thing to help promote black culture in society.While many rappers talk about the things that have shaped their lives, and about how hard it is living in the hood, 50 Cent and his crew voice it as something that people should try and aspire to, that we should respect them more because of the life we try to live. It’s a sad state of affairs when they are using child toy jingles (“My Buddy”) to talk about a gun and using it to kill people, making acts such as killing sound like a game.
The production of this album is slick, with the beats and style that put 50 Cent on the map in the first place. The only vocalist on here though who has any real skill is, of course, 50 Cent, the other members sounding generic, bland, and without any real style of their own.
It’s hard to get into an album that is so willing to glorify such real world atrocities, without any shame or remorse. It’s also a shame that, because of associations with Dr. Dre and Eminem, it will sell millions.

By Fred Pilarczyk Posted in Reviews