Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Take Them On, On Your Own

September 25th, 2003
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It’s Um, Very Rock

Is any one out there sick and tired of the same old rock bands? Are you ready for someone in the realm of rock and roll to stand up and proclaim: “We are not any of those other mundane cookie-cutter bands, and damn it, we’re going to prove it!”? If you are…this isn’t your lucky day.Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has nothing new to offer the music world. There is nothing about them that stands out. You can’t tell whether they are serious about their music or just wanking off. All they have to show for their years of practice and work is a monotonous album full of the same plunky bass lines, boring guitar riffs, and simple lyrics looping over and over again until you can’t tell whether or not you really are “in love with something you can’t see.” The sometimes-considered “funky” sound effects are irritating and grate on your nerves until you find yourself popping a few Advil and wishing they were Vicodin (since maybe that would make this album a little more interesting.) The best way to illustrate this album is how Thea Cooke described it as she handed me the future coaster: “It’s um, very rock.”

By Elizabeth Halvorsen Posted in Reviews