Thursday – War All The Time

September 22nd, 2003
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Nothing Tragic About This War

In a recent MTV interview, the members of Thursday were asked about the near tragic bolt of lightning that struck the band’s touring van earlier this summer and described it as a feeling of “getting punched in the chest.” Ironic, because this is much like the sensation delivered by Thursday’s third effort and Island Records debut, War All The Time. Upon deafening conclusion the listener is both intrigued and confused, reminiscent of the first time you ever listened to a Misfits album and you weren’t sure whether Glenn Danzig had left you enlightened or verbally assaulted.In War’s case, it is an assault of the best intentions. Eleven tracks capable of plunging to a dull roar before exploding in your face. While the time changes and volatile guitar work keep the listener absorbed, it is the lyrics of frontman Geoff Rickly that are the shining stars of this album. Deeply emotional and covering almost too personal accounts of suicide, drug overdose and the downfalls of our society, Rickly interchangeably pleads and screams over crashing guitars. Overall, finding a record that blends paralyzing power and passionate writing better than this could be as rare as, well, being struck by lightning.

By Ryan Lewis Posted in Reviews