AFI – Sing the Sorrow

July 15th, 2003
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A Fire Inside Sweetly Sing the Sorrow

Rarely does a band release an album that, from the first track to the last, feels like a complete collection of songs in a story or concept; songs of equal strength and rhythm complimenting each other as would happen in a symphony. Rarer still, when finished it leaves you hanging on enthralled and wondering why it had to end.In the beginning AFI’s ‘Sing the Sorrow’ sets the stage of a very ominous and orchestric guitar, gentle at first – then propelling you through an opera of fluid rock, punk, and hardcore music; a very rich harmony of vocals, guitar, and bass which give the impression that a shadow is being pulled over your head to drag you in to the band’s world. The fast drum tempos keep everything from getting too dark while the incredible vocals (Davey Havok ) will spike from deep and poetic to a heart-felt scream.

The music is indeed poetic, but this bedtime-story-rollercoaster is backed by steel. The band suddenly shouts from the background, the guitars turn to heavy chords, and you see the other side of the story. As a conclusion it levels back out in to a gentle tune, to make this compilation of songs relate strongly to each other in emotion while being highly diverse in attitude. This album simply has a heart of fire.

By Mike Verzella Posted in Reviews