Dancing DJ

April 24th, 2002
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Louis Todaro, AKA, the dancing DJ has been spinning house since the young age of seventeen. His love of music, once just a hobby has turned into a valid, part-time career.

ame Todaro, born and raised in North Jersey, minutes from New York City is a friendly, outgoing, and motivated individual. He taught himself to spin in his lavish New Jersey home, where he lives with his mother and three younger sisters. “I liked making mistakes; mixing unthinkable tracks…it made me a more creative person.”
Todaro prides himself on learning the art of spinning one day at a time. “Music isn’t pre-meditated for me, I feel it and just let myself go…I fall into the beats.”
He first fell in love with house music when he found “the scene.” Todaro was sixteen scheming his way into elite New York City clubs, and all with his look, his attitude. Dressed to kill and carrying himself like a young corporate, Todaro found himself on some of the hottest guest lists in town. His personality played a big part in his arrival into the scene and in his music. He is easy to love, a kind-hearted individual, an all around good guy.

Todaro partied till dawn dancing to music of Jonathan Peters, Denny Chettos, and Eddie Biaz. “All three, Peters, Biaz, and Chettos, have contributed to my music, I guess in a way I look up to them.” His first love is dancing, tearing up any and every dance floor. However, as he grew up and out of the party scene he realized he couldn’t walk away from something that made him so happy. “It was time for a change, I was starting college and it was time to set some real goals, I calmed down with the dance till to dawn partying and focused on the art, and not so much the wild night.” Todaro bought some equipment, turn tables and speakers and began messing with some old dance records adding his new beats; creating a new sound.

Next, he recorded what he thought was just some “play music” and rocked his sounds in his car. His friends were quick to compliment the new music, and curious who was behind the hot mix. Todaro explained he had been playing with some music and looking to freelance some of his sounds. He never expected to spin his music live, but after talking with some New York contacts from his high school party days, he was invited to guest DJ at some local Jersey clubs. Todaro not only brought his music to the club, but a crowd. He traveled with his close friends, his support system. His close niche click of friends turned into half of his home town and soon Todaro was spinning, and contributed to the club’s general audience and income. He was popular. He was what every small Jersey club needed, his was their image.

He got his first job at a local Italian lounge. Mediterraneaneo was located ten minutes from his home town and his reputation landed him his first title. Todaro was hired as their house DJ and spent the summer of 2000 spinning his mix at this popular night-spot. As his name grew into a phenomenon, he began to get other offers and decided it was time for a change. He was approached to take on the role of resident DJ at a new club. Image, located in Jersey City was new to the scene and wanted a hot DJ with a reputation to build up their new night spot. “I was excited, a little nervous, this club was brand new and didn’t even have an audience, a crowd yet…I figured I’d give a try.”

From Image, to Tribecca in Fort Lee, to Hunka Bunka in South Jersey Todaro has been building a fine name for himself. He mixes a crazy dance track and travels with a fan club. His music gets everyone bouncing, including himself. He was nick-named “The Dancing DJ” because he can’t even stand still to his music. “I bop in the booth, it keeps me psyched, and eager to please my audience.” For Todaro music is art and art is for the people. He is in a low-lit spot-light now, heading up the Jersey scene but I anticipate only great things to come for this dancing DJ.

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