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Jimmy Eat World – Jimmy Eat World

April 30th, 2002

Jimmy’s Got a Large Appetite

Jimmy Eat World has released their latest, so get ready to crank up the car stereo. Formerly called Bleed American, the album was changed in the wake of Sept. 11th to a self-titled release. Once again, J.E.W. has shown their range by pulling together something cohesive, though certainly more poppy and MTV-friendly than their previous work. Read more…

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The Damage Done

April 29th, 2002

The first time I ever heard Alice In Chains it was their 1991 single Man in the Box. I hated it. It seems so strange looking back because today I think it is a fantastic song. Both that and Sea of Sorrow grew on me over time. However, my interest in Alice in Chains never truly came into full effect until I heard the song Would in late 1992. I was attending a local high school basketball game with my father, grunge being the predominant trend of the day, the warm up music was a tape consisting of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. I was happy to hear music I was familiar with in this setting. Then I heard the opening creepy-crawly bass-line of Would. That alone was enough to hook me for the next ten years. Never mind when the vocal interplay between Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell began. Read more…

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Various Artists – Dance Factory

April 26th, 2002

Dance A Little…It’s Summer

The summer anthems are here! Dance Factory mixed by Louie DeVito is music to compliment that frosty margarita and your dancing till dawn style!

ame So it’s summer and your sporting that new one sleeve tank, with a pair of Diesel sandels, and a Coach bag on your arm. You enter your summer haven/club of choice; allow me to recommend Temptations in Seaside, New Jersey. You spot a cutie bouncing across the dance floor. He’s got on that new French connection logo tee, the trendy Nikes, and cut-off Capri’s-he’s your typical summer hottie and the music you hear tonight will be the only way you can remember him, when your raving to girls about the boy that “looked so good!” Read more…

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Ben Kweller – Sha Sha

April 25th, 2002

Who’se a Widdle Boo-boo?

With peers like Christina Aguilara and Lance Bass, thank God in indie-pop heaven for Ben Kweller. All at once folky, poppy, ass-rockin’, sardonic, and brilliant as hell, his March release on Ato Records, Sha Sha, makes you wanna dance, make out, and find the little fella who refers to himself as BK and pinch his cheeks. But don’t be fooled, this adorable tyke has talent. Read more…

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Dancing DJ

April 24th, 2002

Louis Todaro, AKA, the dancing DJ has been spinning house since the young age of seventeen. His love of music, once just a hobby has turned into a valid, part-time career.

ame Todaro, born and raised in North Jersey, minutes from New York City is a friendly, outgoing, and motivated individual. He taught himself to spin in his lavish New Jersey home, where he lives with his mother and three younger sisters. “I liked making mistakes; mixing unthinkable tracks…it made me a more creative person.”
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Andrew WK – I Get Wet

April 23rd, 2002

Andrew Who?

Andrew W. K. is his name, and if you thought that party animals always grow up, think again. The 22-year-old hard-pop punk-rocker is redefining the term “party” for a new generation, mixing down an eclectic range of influences and using them for the ultimate fraternity soundtrack. Read more…

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N.E.R.D. – In Search Of….

April 19th, 2002

Soul Seekers

Neat-o rap hipsters, N.E.R.D. responsible for 2002 release, In Search Of… on Virgin Records., lead an experimental excursion through rap core, soul, and trip-hop; this album reeks of soul, it bleeds funk. Rarely can one find such a thorough blend of whimsy and prowess in the ways of rhyme, ranging such topics as strippers (Lapdance), being “the shit” (Things are Better), and overcoming a coke addiction (Provider). And that’s just the first three tracks. Read more…

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Wu-Tang Clan – Iron Flag

April 17th, 2002

Driving with the Play Boys

Wu-Tang is once again making nice and holding hands with some of today’s hottest rappers. Wu- Tang, Iron Flag is rough, raw, flavored like lemon ice, a little sweet, icey, and a bit bitter, the perfect blend of ingredients for a fine-tasting album. Read more…

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…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Source Tags and Codes

April 17th, 2002

Happy Trails of Dead to You!

Titling a band is a tremendous responsibility. The crowning of your album, the encapsulation and explanation of every mean riff must be well represented by your bitchin’ nomenclature. It’s got to be a name that sticks. It’s got to be a name that represents you. It’s got to be a name that betrays you to your genre, assuming, in these eclectic times you’ve chosen one. And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead is a band who, quite progressively, has forgone this notion, opting for a short novel rather than a title. How emo.
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Christy McWilson – Bed of Roses

April 17th, 2002

Christy’s Just Sippin’ on MGD

If you ever find yourself sitting in a bar, drinking alone, Christy McWilson’s second solo album may be just what you should listen to. Or you may already be listening to it – you may not be able to tell the difference. “Bed of Roses” is chock full of country-rock ditties that are as about as original as the album’s title. Read more…

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