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Dan the Automator – Wanna Buy a Monkey?

March 27th, 2002

Spin the Record, Dodge the Poop

Dan the Automator’s busy fingers, which can be found in such pies as Loveage, The Handsome Boy Modeling School, and the Gorillaz, took a break to caress the turntables on their own, a labor of love yielding his mixtape sessions, Wanna Buy a Monkey, released on Sequence Records for 2002. A motley collection of his favorite tracks and personal remixes, Wanna Buy a Monkey is more than just a masturbation of an established west coast indie/rap DJ’s ego. The record is half résumé, half homage, covering the various corners of rock and hiphop that define the Automator as epitome mixtape genius. Read more…

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Various Artists – O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack

March 27th, 2002

O Brother, What Took So Long?

When you hear the words “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” your thoughts should perhaps turn to music rather than movies. The soundtrack to the Coen brothers’ new film stirred a lot of interest when it won five Grammys this year (including album of the year). Yet the compilation was causing a stir in the music industry well before the Grammies and has, joyously, inducted many newcomers into the world of folk. Read more…

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The Chemical Brothers – Come With Us

March 26th, 2002

Tripping on Music

Drug of Choice? Ecstasy can take you there. Acid will heighten the experience. And a slow, smooth smoke is sure to free some feelings. Children of the night, are feeling like children of the world with Chemical Brothers, Come With Us, but tripping out on drugs is not your only way to party these days. The album alone, yes solo-chemical free will get you high. Read more…

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Weezer – Weezer

March 19th, 2002

Island in the Garage

Dust off your black-rimmed glasses and All-Stars, kids, here comes Weezer’s third album in seven years, Weezer (The Green Album). Just when it seemed that they had disappeared into post-grunge oblivion after driving away bassist Matt Sharp, Weezer released their second self-titled album, resulting in their most instantly popular work since that “Happy Days” video. Read more…

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Oysterhead – The Grand Pecking Order

March 6th, 2002

Trailer Trash in Space

Strap on your space helmet and give your sister a passionate kiss. There’s reason to celebrate if that’s your thing. In the melodically ambient, if at times lyrically trite realm of the jam band, few new groups underwhelm with the credibility and sheer skill of Oysterhead. Of course these musicians are talented, technically speaking. Just not in synch with each other. The trio is comprised of guitarist Trey Anastasio, of the long successful and recently hiatus-taking Phish, the long forgotten but undeniably musically viable, Primus’ Les Claypool on bass, and (“Hey, Remember the 80’s?”) Police drummer Stewart Copeland, all apparently bored or out of money for weed. Whatever the reason for this great convergence, under the name, Oysterhead, the three released The Grand Pecking Order in October of 2001 under the WEA/Elektra Entertainment label, self produced. Read more…

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March 5th, 2002

Attak, Rehash

It’s been almost three years since KMFDM “officially” disbanded, and I’d gotten used to the idea of the members’ various side projects. Our dirty little secret was that KMFDM was so absolutely burned into our pre-pubescent minds that they could never escape. Every side project, every “reforming” (what the hell was MDFMK anyway?) would inevitably be compared to KMFDM and soon be declared shit in the face of our fond memories. We’ve spent so much time looking for the second coming of our favourite Germans that when it finally came, nobody cared. Read more…

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